About Vent or Praise

Appy world ltd created Vent or praise for you to express your opinion on a public forum, giving you the opportunity to vent a bad review about issues or praise a good review to the highest level, about a company, public body, employer, product or service etc.

With most review sites available for you to use you still have to give one star even when your not happy with them, therefore its a positive mark on the star chart, we felt this was fundamentally flawed and needed a new way to read and write reviews.

When you write a review about something on ventorpraise.com, we will contact them to let them know that someone is either happy or not and the reasons why, In turn, this will give them the opportunity to see how they can improve or remove failings and to focus on what is working, thus improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

Ff you find anything wrong with our site or information contained within, maybe even have an idea on how we can improve the site or service let us know admin@ventorpraise.com

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