is the website that allows you to express your experience or opinion on a public forum, giving consumers like you the opportunity to vent a bad review about issues or praise a good review to the highest level, about a company, public body, employer, product or service etc.

in turn, this will give them the opportunity to see how they can improve or remove failings and to focus on what is working, thus improving customer satisfaction and profitability.

Most of us read consumer reviews before we decide what product to buy or who will do the job right. Read real reviews, opinions and experiences from consumers like you. Read, Write and share and help to avoid the bad and enjoy the good.

Good or bad, reviews help with decision making, like a bad review for a holiday destination due to late night partying is another consumers dream when they are a party animal, or the location has too many hills, so hiking holidays are not for you.

Whatever your experiences or opinions, a quick review is all it takes to guide other consumers in the right direction, and remember just because something went wrong it doesn't mean you have to avoid it like the plague, its how it gets resolved that counts.

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